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Keeper of the Celestial Flame of Abernethy - Official Music Video

Year of production: 2022

Running Time: 4:42

Witness the rise, fall, and rise, of the evil wizard Zargothrax in this epic, musical adventure!

Recently I was hired by Gloryhammer and Napalm Records to direct and animate this music video for their upcoming album "Return to the Kingdom of Fife", out June 2, 2023!

Return to Krocodile Isle

Year of production: 2022

Running Time: 9:54

Sure, "Peaches" may have been a fun music video, but why should Bowser be the only nintendo villain to get his own song, other video game characters deserve their time to shine as well. That's why I've teamed up with Bootleg Dub productions again for the spiritual successor to Curse of the Crystal Coconut! Enjoy!

P.A.R.T.Y. - Official Music Video

Year of production: 2022

Running Time: 3:50

It's Pirate Party Time! Join our skeleton crew as they sail the seven seas and plunder the shores, all set to a catchy metal anthem. 


Recently I was hired by Alestorm and Napalm Records to direct and animate this music video for their upcoming 7th album "Seventh Rum of a Seventh Rum", out June 24, 2022!

Curse of the Crystal Coconut

Year of production: 2021

Running Time: 3:30

This year may have been Donkey Kong’s 40th birthday, but what a lot of people don’t know is that this wasn’t his only milestone, as this month marks the 25th anniversary of his glorious tv show. Exactly 25 year ago, the powers of antiquated motion capture technology, Canadian tax dollars, and the audacity of the French, joined forces to create the greatest show in the history of television, and I’ve teamed up with Bootleg Dubs and Napalm Records to produce this celebratory anniversary short!

The Rhino and the Redbill

Year of production: 2020

Running Time: 13 min

In the wild, Rhinos and Red-Billed Oxpeckers have a very unique symbiotic relationship. The oxpeckers spend their day nestled on top of the rhino for food and protection, and in return they help to alert the often visually-impaired rhinos if there is danger in the area. They can however, be a nuisance to their hosts, often picking at wounds when searching for food, and their bond can quickly turn parasitic. 

Based on their relationship in the wild, The Rhino and the Redbill is an action-adventure short about a blind rhinoceros named Niles, and a flight-impaired oxpecker named Redford, working together to survive the harsh realities of a drought ravaged wilderness. Scorchwater Valley is dying and it's taking everyone else down with it. It's every creature for themselves as social structures have collapsed and factions of carnivorous gangs, evil cults, and deadly poachers struggle to survive. Niles and Redford have to work together to survive in a dying world, provided they can survive each other.

Breathing Space


Year of production: 2018

Running Time: 5:55


A science fiction, musical adventure set in the deepest reaches of the universe!

Hey there!

       My name is Alex Henderson, I'm an award-winning animator and director from Ontario, Canada, currently running a freelance animation business that works to bring people's animated productions to life! I am a graduate from Sheridan College's Bachelor of Arts in Animation program, with credits in film, television, video games, and advertising.

     Recently I've worked as an animator at DHX Media, directed music videos for Napalm Records, and directed award winning independent productions such as "Breathing Space" and "The Rhino and the Redbill". These days I specialize in blending hand-drawn animation with CGI to create a style that is unique, appealing, and cost-effective, making it accessible for small businesses to create their own animated media. 

    On this site you will find samples of my work, as well as commission information should you be interested in working with me. Thanks for taking the time to visit, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or requests.


My award-winning animated short "Tales from Scorchwater Valley: The Rhino and the Redbill", is now playing in film festival worldwide!

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